Shuttle Buses

In our airport operations, we were the first major player in our industry to shift our fleet of airport shuttle buses to 5 percent biodiesel (B5). 98 percent of our shuttle buses to run on cleaner fuel as of 2015.



Following conversions in 2012, approximately 82 percent of Enterprise’s airport shuttle buses now run on cleaner fuel, with approximately 50 percent using 5 percent biodiesel (B5), and roughly 25 percent using biodiesel (B20). This move saves carbon emissions and paves the way for future use of a higher concentration, which is already in use in many of the company’s airport operations.


At the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans and the Houston Hobby Airport in Texas, USA, we partnered with Mansfield Oil to use renewable synthetic oil in our airport shuttle buses. With both companies sharing a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, we’re able to make a significant impact while continuing to introduce the idea of new transportation fuels to our customers.


Enterprise has incorporated about 40 CNG-fuelled shuttles into our airport shuttle bus fleet in select markets throughout the USA, including Los Angeles and St. Louis. Additionally, we are also providing a few CNG vans to one of our Enterprise Commercial Truck business partners (Orange Courier, Inc.) in Santa Ana, CA.

Enterprise’s decision to operate CNG shuttle buses supports the company’s long-term strategy to embrace clean fuels and engine technologies – which, in turn, helps grow the market for alternative fuels. To that end, we work with all the manufacturers to socialise and expose consumers to new vehicle technology. However, we must first make sure there is a fuel source wherever the vehicles are placed.


In Denver, CO, our Alamo shuttle is currently piloting hydraulic hybrid technology. Many of our shuttles are powered by a variety of fuel types, but this is the first time we’re testing hydraulic hybrid technology in our shuttles. We will provide updates as we learn more.

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