Our Automated Rental Management System (ARMS) streamlines the rental process between our branches, insurance companies and garages, saving thousands in operational energy and paperwork.

This programme is currently available in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.


In 1994, we set out to help our insurance company partners simplify the cumbersome process of managing replacement hire cars for their policyholders. Up until then, insurance adjusters could spend hours on the phone arranging rentals, coordinating with garages and preparing invoices. In response, Enterprise created the Automated Rental Management System (ARMS®), a web-based application that enables Enterprise branches, insurance companies and garages to manage the entire rental process electronically.


A streamlined system

Once a claim is filed and a rental reservation is created through ARMS, the system automatically transmits the information to the local Enterprise branch—eliminating the need for the adjuster to make phone calls or transfer paperwork. Enterprise then reaches out to the customer to coordinate the rental. From there, insurance adjusters can quickly and easily monitor the repair status of a customer’s vehicle, which often leads to a shorter rental and the elimination of unnecessary additional rental costs. What’s more, ARMS has the added benefit of drastically reducing the amount of paper involved in the insurance rental process.

The programme continues

It may seem counterintuitive for a car hire company to create a system that leads to fewer rental days. But we view it to be consistent with our sustainable approach to business. By putting their policyholders back into their own cars faster, we served our insurance customers better and strengthened our reputation as a reliable partner to the insurance industry. To date, Enterprise has invested about $50 million in the development of ARMS, and we continue to invest each year to upgrade and enhance the system to ensure that it evolves with the needs of our partners.

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