20/20 Vision

In 2010, we announced a commitment to reduce both our energy use and our energy costs by 20 percent throughout five years.


With recommendations by our Chairman's Task Force, managers across the company are using the 20/20 Vision to develop energy and cost reduction goals. They continue to work at developing smart, innovative ways to reduce our energy use, including the use of more energy-efficient lighting and energy-saving software tools at our headquarters and across thousands of neighbourhood and airport locations.


We recycle more than 800,000 gallons of used motor oil and used oil filters annually across our total fleet operations.


FY 2010 Total direct and indirect energy consumption 1,308,951 gigajoules
FY 2011 Total direct and indirect energy consumption 1,285,595 gigajoules
FY 2012 Total direct and indirect energy consumption 1,100,140 gigajoules
FY 2013 Total direct and indirect energy consumption 1,066,796 gigajoules
FY 2014 Total direct and indirect energy consumption 1,026,254 gigajoules
FY 2015 Total direct and indirect energy consumption 919,398 gigajoules
2015 Reduction from 2010* baseline 389,553 gigajoules
The 20/20 Vision aligns the interests of our customers, employees and partners with the long-term interests of our business. It does that by expanding our environmental commitment throughout our operations.

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