Neighbourhood Network

As other car hire companies focused on the airports, our founder Jack Taylor took a different path. As a result, we’ve always operated through an extensive network of local, neighbourhood offices, each powered by the energy of a small, highly entrepreneurial team.


Our concept began in the lower level of a St. Louis, Missouri (USA) car dealership, where Jack and a handful of colleagues worked hard to serve their customers — fielding phone calls, calculating rates, washing cars. It was those early customers who shaped our business model. They told us they wanted to rent cars where they live and work. And we listened.


Over the years, one neighborhood at a time, we’ve built strong relationships with the people who call our communities home. It’s those relationships that have fueled our growth and neighborhood network, which today has locations within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population.


Today, the Enterprise neighbourhood network also offers a wide variety of car leasing, van pooling, car sharing and hourly rental programmes. With a well-established track record for making "virtual cars" convenient and affordable for those who prefer to "buy for the need and rent for the exception," Enterprise launched hourly rentals in 2005 and local car sharing in 2007 as a natural extension of its business hire programme and long-time focus on customised service in communities.


With Enterprise CarShare technology, we offer a totally automated, membership-based and environmentally-friendly transportation solution — for an hour, a day, a weekend or longer, to corporate campuses, university locations, military facilities and central hubs. > See what Enterprise CarShare is all about.

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