Customer Service

Since 1957, our employees have been known for going about their daily activities with extraordinary passion and focus.


Our Enterprise Service Quality index (SQi) hinges on two simple words: completely satisfied. Every month, we measure customer satisfaction with each local branch through telephone surveys of hundreds of thousands of our customers. Each branch earns a ranking based on the percentage of its customers who say they were completely satisfied with their last Enterprise experience. That ranking — we call it "top box" — is the standard of excellence we set for ourselves.


We want lifelong relationships with our car hire customers. And we’re proud that our culture of putting the customers’ needs first has been the subject of numerous books and articles, including the Harvard Business Review.

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    The Blizzard of 2011 was a real pain. For me, it meant cancelling a trip to California. And St. Louis, where we’re based, was pretty much a ghost town for a day or so after the storm passed through.  But what we got here last week doesn’t compare to what folks faced in some other parts of the country, including Chicago.
  • Mission

    Our mission is to be the best transportation service provider in the world, and to exceed our customers' expectations for service, quality and value.