Cultural Compass

The Cultural Compass is a planning and goal-setting tool that helps our management team fully incorporate six important areas of best practices into the way we run our business.

Six Priorities for Positive Results

Using the Cultural Compass as a guide, each Enterprise operating group submits an annual entry that demonstrates how they address these six priorities in their operations. The entries are judged by a multidisciplinary panel of our company's leadership, and the number of winners is limited only by our groups' dedication to outstanding results.


Operations is true north on our Cultural Compass, because it's only by being a well-managed, growing business that we're able to do all that society expects of us and that we expect of ourselves – from creating jobs to investing in our communities. We evaluate the performance of our operating groups based in large part on how their operations maintain what we call "The Balance":  
  • Customer satisfaction – as measured by monthly customer surveys
  • Employee development – as measured by retention and advancement of employees
  • Fleet growth
  • Profitability
  We know from more than 55 years of experience that keeping a healthy equilibrium among these critical factors is essential to steady, long-term growth.

Work-Life Quality

Work-Life Quality means providing an atmosphere that challenges all employees to do their best work, helps them achieve successful careers and supports them in achieving a healthy work-life balance. Sustaining our strong workplace reputation is critical to our ability to attract and retain the best people. Helping our employees achieve higher satisfaction and engagement can drive lower absenteeism, higher productivity, better retention and other outcomes that contribute to our overall success.

Our company goals for FY2016:
  • Understand, embrace, and educate on the importance of addressing employees' need for flexibility, including the alignment and balancing of employee needs to the goals of the business.
  • Create a Talent & Career Management plan to help employees develop personal career plans for their professional futures and to provide materials to help them better take advantage of organizational opportunities.
  • Compile and recommend best practices for Group-wide initiatives across all brands and lines of business to increase employee satisfaction and job performance.
  • Assist Groups on their implementation of programs to drive employee recognition, engagement and motivation.

Public Affairs and Philanthropy

We integrate Community Relations, Philanthropy and Government Relations to build and strengthen strategic relationships with influential organizations, civic leaders and key public officials. We view these relationships as another way to build our business and our brand. We support community causes and initiatives that our customers, business partners and employees support. We strengthen those key relationships and grow our business.

Our company goals for FY2016:
  • Philanthropy: Engage employees and customers in Enterprise’s philanthropic efforts across all lines of business. Choose causes and projects that will have an impact on the business. United Way employee participation should reflect an active campaign that focuses on building employee awareness and engagement.
  • Government Relations: In order to build and strengthen our strategic relationships with key elected officials, the Group should plan and execute a pro-active grassroots program by connecting our employees with officials at the local, state and federal level that represent our business locations. Group employees are expected to hold face-to-face meetings with these officials throughout the year, as appropriate, to discuss our operations and legislative issues. The group should also leverage the political action committee (PAC) to financially support public officials who are pro-business and who we believe will support our industry issues. Please click here for more information.
  • Community Relations: Increase employee participation and engagement in our community outreach initiatives. Seek employee input on causes and organizations to support.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Enterprise Holdings, we define diversity as the many qualities and characteristics that make each individual unique. Inclusion is about understanding and embracing our differences in ways that drive innovation, connect us more fully to our communities and make our company a place that is welcoming to all. A diverse supply chain allows our company to foster growth and opportunities for historically underutilized suppliers, while also mirroring the communities in which we operate. An inclusive workplace helps our company attract and retain the best talent in the market.

Our company goals for FY2016:
  • Increase brand recognition and reputation as an "employer of choice" for top diverse talent
  • Increase female and minority representation at the executive and officer level versus FYE 2015 results.
  • Increase diverse discretionary spend as measured on the Group Diverse Spend Report.

Business Ethics

We define business ethics as understanding, embracing and displaying the highest standards of integrity in the day-to-day conduct of our business. It means accepting our responsibility, as a company and as individuals, to maintain a highly ethical work environment. Following through on that responsibility earns us the trust, credibility and customer loyalty we need to build our brand in the marketplace. Meanwhile, our internal commitment to training and compliance helps us build employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Our company goals for FY2016:
  • Maintain awareness of company’s ethical precepts and ethics-reporting tools.
  • Further develop and utilize fraud-detection and data-analytics tools to identify business activity that may be indicative of internal fraud or ethical lapse.
  • Enhance integrity and the ethical conduct of business in our supply chain through implementation of the Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Continue and/or initiate companywide Anti-Corruption, Antitrust, Federal Government Contracting, Data Privacy and Code of Conduct training.
  • Further develop metrics to quantify the level of awareness of, and compliance with, ethics principles.
  • Develop and implement procedures and controls to ensure compliance with the Anti-Corruption, Antitrust, Federal Government Contracting, and Data Privacy policies.

Environmental Conservation

We gauge our environmental conservation efforts by four elements: measurement, cost reduction, conservation and compliance. These areas of focus enable us to make more efficient use of resources, both natural and financial. We’re committed to understanding our environmental impact and are adopting measures to reduce it, while also positioning our company as a responsible corporate citizen.

Our company goals for FY2016:
  • Continue to achieve 20% reduction in energy and water use for those remaining branches measured against the fiscal year 2010 baseline. In addition, all branches in a Group should have accumulated year over year reductions in energy and water.
  • Decrease paper usage by 20%.
  • Identify and ensure companywide compliance with all required laws and permits.


The values of our founder, Jack Taylor, remain true today in the way we treat our customers and in the goals we set for ourselves.


Jack Taylor didn't talk about founding values when he started his small business back in 1957. He and his team just lived them. But the values that resulted in their daily interactions with customers and with each other have been the foundation for Enterprise's growth and success for more than five decades. Today, this simple yet powerful set of beliefs is more critical than ever to our continued success. It's how we hold ourselves accountable every day.


The Jack Taylor Founding Values Program is a strategic management initiative that challenges our teams to integrate our values into their business planning and operations. Since the program launched in 2003, it has driven thousands of best practices, operating enhancements and new partnerships across our company.

Our founding values

  • Our brands are the most valuable things we own.
  • Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success.
  • Customer service is our way of life.
  • Our company is a fun and friendly place, where teamwork rules.
  • We work hard . . . and we reward hard work.
  • Great things happen when we listen . . . to our customers and to each other.
  • We strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time.
  • Our doors are open.

What drives us

The following three pillars are the very guideposts that drive our actions.


The Taylor’s simple, timeless call to “take care of the customer and the employees” naturally extends to taking care of the environment in which both must live and work.


Preservation through efficiency in practice ensures the long-term viability of our business.


We are committed to investing in the development of new fuels and technologies.

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